Primarily we are looking for a native English speaker. However people with good English skills will also be considered. Ideally, we are looking for someone who either has experience in teaching children or is qualified to teaching English.

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● Children classes
Currently our teachers are using Super Tots and Super Kids. These books require teachers to teach though the use of songs, dance, role-play and games. Additionally, we encourage teachers to use other methods to help student learn English. i.e teaching phonics, reading books.

In the case of very young children (with parent class), we expect teachers to develop and execute their own lesson plan.



● Junior High School and Adult classes
With all lessons we provide text books for the students and teachers. Currently, we are using Side By Side for Junior High School students and the Interchange series for adults.

In the case of 1 to 1 students, we use textbooks which are tailored to the need of the student.

In addition to using the textbook, we encourage teachers to converse with the students during lesson time.


Salary (The Salary is based on a 4week month.)

● Semi-full time
· 12lessons per week (3days×4hours per week)
· Starting is from 120,000yen per month depending on experience

● Part time
· Baby with parent (30min): 1,500yen/per lesson
· Kids (50min): 2,300yen/per lesson
· Adults (60 min): 2,500yen/per lesson



● National holidays
● 2weeks Christmas vacation and 1week Summer holiday
(We are closed on Sunday and Monday)



● All applicants need to have a valid visa.
(We can help you renew your visa where necessary.)

● All teachers
· are expected to be prepare for lessons.
· are required to write a lesson reports for each class.
· are not allowed to teach our student privately.
· must not disclose students personal information with other people.
· are required to wear appropriate clothing.

● Semi-full time teachers
· have to attend all school events.

● Part time teachers
· must attend both Kids’ the Halloween and Christmas parties.
· We ask part time teacher where possible to attend Adults student events as well.


If you are interested please send your CV to or you can contact us on 079-260-8066. (Mayumi Kimura)

1428 Higashiyama, Himeji, Hyogo, JPN 672-8014 【Access Map